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Back to back meetings? No worries, Warmly has you covered!

Are you slammed with meetings? We all know how stressful it can be. Learn how you can use #Warmly to make back-to-back meetings a breeze.

Max Greenwald
Co-founder & CEO

We all know the slog of back-to-back meetings, whether it’s to meet new contacts, generate sales, or pitch investors. These meetings are often vital to our success and personal growth, but you have to bring your A-game, even though it’s hard to transition from one important meeting to the next. 

If you find yourself forgetting whom you’re talking to next, stumbling over your words, you’re not alone. But it may have detrimental effects. Warmly recently conducted a survey with over 130 C-suite execs, and found that 90% of them would skip a second meeting with someone who wasn’t prepared for the first meeting.

Thankfully, Warmly makes meeting prep quick and easy by providing you instant insights on who you’re meeting with, previous meeting notes, fun facts (where they’re located, points of connection), and information on their company. 

Oh, and running late to your next meeting? Though this anxiety-inducing moment happens all the time, you can’t always cut off a call that’s going so well to get to your next meeting exactly on the hour. We get it. That’s why we built a “running late” button into #Warmly. With the push of a button, you can now send a personalized email to the attendees letting them know you’re running five or 10 minutes behind.

Check out this video of our CEO, Max Greenwald, demonstrating the value of #Warmly before you go and get yourself a killer custom background:  

#Warmly launched alongside the Zoom App marketplace this week, so make back-to-back virtual meetings a breeze by clicking here to download. Add #Warmly to Zoom

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