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Who Is Warmly For?

Curious about who uses Warmly? Top founders, investors, and salespeople use Warmly to...

Max Greenwald
Co-founder & CEO

Warmly is used by top founders, investors, sales people and external meeting maniacs. Have you seen the #Warmly wall of power-users? Respected names across industries, like Justin Kan of Twitch, Nick Mehta of Gainsight, James Currier of NFC, and Harry Stebbings of The Twenty-Minute VC, are owning the spaces around their faces. 

However, #Warmly is not just for CEOs, founders, investors and salespeople. Our product is for anyone who wants to build deeper relationships with the people they meet over Zoom and increase the effectiveness of every meeting. 

We’re living in a culture that’s embraced remote work and allowed for infinite flexibility -- hire the best talent all over the world, conveniently connect face-to-face without having to travel, or seamlessly mix work and play into your life. That said, without careful thought, it’s easy to feel disconnected from others. Thankfully, we have the secret for warming it up. :)

We built #Warmly for everyone, for all meetings in the new remote era of work. And the best part? We just launched alongside the Zoom App store this week, meaning you can download #Warmly People Insights for Zoom and get our features--custom backgrounds, insights on all your contacts, the “running late” button, and more--in all your virtual meetings. 

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