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Customize your first impressions
Background Signatures are the next step from the traditional virtual background. These backgrounds are highly customizable and allow you to include information about yourself and it can be changed instantly, while in Zoom.

Background Signatures > Virtual backgrounds
The days of the virtual background are over. Background Signatures are the future! What's the difference between them? Virtual backgrounds are static and typically just include a generic image. Background Signatures tell people your name pronunciation, company, pronouns, and much more!

Customize easily
Background Signatures allow you to express yourself by changing your background in seconds. If you use People Insights or Company Insights, you can customize your signature to bring up commonalities between you and the people you meet with.

Show what you know
Due to the Background Signatures being highly customizable, you can make changes to them before, during, and after meetings without skipping a beat. This allows you to go the extra mile by adding something based on the notes you decided to jot down in your last meeting with them.

Stand Out
Change the bio in your Background Signature to call out something you know about the person you're meeting. Do they love Los Angeles Lakers? Add your excitement for their upcoming game in your bio.

Make every meeting warm
Virtual backgrounds don't stand out enough to help you generate a warm conversation from them. Background Signatures are specifically designed to give you things to discuss with anyone you meet with. Your superpower will be the ability to turn any cold conversation into a warm one.

Break the ice
Your Background Signature is an easy ice breaker for your meetings. You'll notice people calling out cool things they learn about you from them. Build rapport by just showing up to a meeting with your Background Signature. Combine your Background Signature with Shoutouts to take things to the next level!

🖼 Customize your first impressions

Stand out from the crowd with an optional, custom background for yourself. Use one click to leave a lasting impression on people with your new virtual business card.

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