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Bring up recent news
Come to every meeting with something that can act as an ice breaker and rapport builder. When it comes to Company Insights, we always recommend checking for their recent company news. Recent news gives you a warm start to the conversation which will lead to a more productive meeting.

The more you know
Impress the people you meet by bringing up recent news you discover about their company. Did they fundraise last week? Congratulate them on the latest round. You may even find out that they recently partnered with a company that you're currently working with. Bringing up commonalities between both of your companies is a great way to build a deeper connection.

View their org chart
The more aware you are about the company's org chart, the better you can decide who the decision-maker is and who the key stakeholders are.

Find key stakeholders
Sales and partnership cycles can be very long. The biggest time sink for closing deals is identifying and convincing the key stakeholders to try your product or service. If you find the key stakeholders early on, you can reduce your sales cycle and get to a "yes" faster. Are there other people in the company that could be useful to loop in? Easily find the best people to add to the mix!

Quickly check out their LinkedIn
Need to find more information on the fly? Don't scramble to find their LinkedIn, get there faster with Company Insights.

Always be prepared
Did they reference a post they recently posted on their company's LinkedIn? With the click of a button, you can pop open their company's Linkedin profile and make direct references. Did the post perform well or was it engaging? Congratulate them and ask what inspired the post!

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Stand out from the crowd with an optional, custom background for yourself. Use one click to leave a lasting impression on people with your new virtual business card.

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