Warmly FAQs

What does  Warmly do?

Have better meetings with business card backgrounds & instant info on everyone you're meeting with. Build real connections with “LinkedIn for Zoom”


🌅 Have 2x better meetings with a personalized Virtual Business Card that acts as an immediate ice breaker on calls. Skip the formal “intros” and have your customized background signature showcase a bit about you. Need to impress for a call? Add the company logo of your prospects & customers above your shoulder with a single click.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Look more professional as a team with a “virtual uniform”. Match backgrounds, logos & more. Team selling is not just 4 independent people showing up at different times - it’s your opportunity to stand out.

📆 Never prep for a meeting again with instant insights right in your calendar. Skip the Google search and supercharge your calendar with info on everyone you're meeting with. 

🥇 Winner of the 2021 Zoomtopia Innovation Award for best use of Zoom’s platform. Voted top 3 free Zoom App by Fast Company.


Need your Admin’s permission to install Warmly in Zoom? No problem, get started while you’re waiting; head to - https://www.warmly.ai/launch-warmly-for-zoom - for details.


For IT Admins:

Can I use Warmly if I don't use Zoom?

Yes. Our web application allows you to seamlessly use Warmly in all video meetings. Simply download your business card and re-upload it to Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. To learn about others open rapport.warmly.ai in a browser window and leave the window viewable alongside your meeting window.

Does Warmly share my data with third parties?

No, we only use your calendar data to enrich your profile view on your upcoming meetings. We don’t sell or share any of this information with third parties. Warmly has a robust commitment to privacy & security (details: https://security.warmly.ai/)

What does Warmly do with my data?

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy covers this in detail, but at a high level, we will never sell your contact lists or calendar information. Warmly has a robust commitment to privacy & security (details: https://security.warmly.ai/)

More FAQs & our Help Center available here.