Founders, you already do it all.
Let Warmly take some work off your plate.

Studies show that 100% of founders overwork themselves... probably. Improve your relationship building with investors, prospects, customers, mentors, and other founders using Warmly.

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⏱ Stop running late to meetings

Show others you value their time leveraging your personal countdown timer.  Or one click to email your next meeting's participants that you’ll be a few minutes late.

🖼 Customize your first impressions

Stand out from the crowd with an optional, custom background for yourself. Use one click to leave a lasting impression on people with your new virtual business card.

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Warmly FAQs

What does  Warmly do?

Warmly supercharges your context on attendees in upcoming meetings during your video calls. We give you a deeper background on the folks you’re meeting with in advance so you can rock those virtual meetings and build better rapport with them.

How do I use the running late feature?

It's very easy to send a running late message to people while still actively engaging with the person in your current meeting. Simply click on the meeting that you're going to run late to, find the "I'm running late" button, hit send and you're good to go!

Can I customize the running late email?

Yes, the email is highly customizable and the email can be saved as a template. At the very least, we recommend you modify the number of minutes you think you'll be running late to your next meeting.

Are there any other helpful features for founders?

Yes, outside of running late, we have some features you would love. Including, but not limited to:

The ability to jot down personal notes about the people you meet, background signatures that help you stand out in every meeting, and people insights to learn more about the person you're talking to.

Have more questions that are not answered here?

Check out the #Warmly Help Center by clicking here.

If you need help, outside of what's in the Help Center, reach out to