Meet the Team

Our founding team is comprised of computer scientists from Princeton & Berkeley, Fulbright scholars and self-taught engineers and one of us is a chicken farmer in her free time. If you’d like to work with us in helping people make warmer connections every day, the virtual coffee is on us.

Maximus Greenwald

Co-Founder & CEO

xGoogle, endurance athlete,
still uses Heeleys

Carina Boo

Co-Founder & CPO

xGoogle, chicken farmer,
manager extraordinare

Alan Zhao

Co-Founder & CTO

xFinance, self-taught engineer,
Wushu master

Alessandro Cetera

Head of Growth

Pasta enthusiast, SQL scientist,
Bitcoin afficionado

Alex Batis

Senior Software Engineer

Fish keeper, ouzo lover,
diehard yinzer

Scott O'Connor

Senior Software Engineer

Father, Powder Chaser,
Great Pyrenees Jockey

Derek Jackson

Growth Marketing

Armchair philosopher, sheepdog lover, Tommy Bahama fan

Faisal Alabsi headshot

Konstantin Yurchenko, Jr.

Senior Software Engineer

xIntel, avid reader, logic gate

Faisal Alabsi headshot

Ryan Beyer

Strategic Account Executive

Aspiring actor, bodybuilder and PGA golfer

Nabil Saad headshot

Nabil Saad

Business Development Representative

San Francisco native, hip-hop enthusiast, die-hard Laker fan

Brett Hughes headshot

Brett Hughes

Account Executive

human dad, corgi dad, golf fanatic

Daniel Wallace headshot

Daniel Wallace


technologist, road runner,
amateur sommelier

Samantha Cox headshot

Samantha Cox

BizOps Lead

human & dog mom, tea drinker,
internal hype woman

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